What Goes Better With Butter Than Scones?

We have delicious scones for sale in Toms River, NJ and online

Butter is good in all kinds of dishes, but at Butter Me Up, we love putting it on scones. If you do, too, you can check out our scones for sale. You'll find them online and at all of our markets.

You can choose a 4-pack for in person pick up OR
an 8-pack ONLINE, can be ordered in advance and picked up of:

  • Classic scones, like lightly sweet scones
  • Sweet scones, like chocolate chip scones
  • Savory scones, like garlic basil scones
  • Seasonal scones, like cranberry orange scones

We also make vegan scones that taste just right with our vegan butter. To order a package of vegan or non-vegan scones, go to the Shop page right away.

When we come up with new gourmet butter flavors, we create scone recipes to coordinate with them. You can try pineapple butter with pineapple scones, for example, or fresh strawberry butter with chocolate chip scones. Find out when we have specialty scones for sale by following us on Facebook.