Where do I start ? I tried the beer butter - delicious. I tried the Irish soda bread scones - incredible. I tried the fresh strawberry butter - strawberries are my all time favorite so I went to heaven and back. Because of the dynamic flavors you don't need as much butter in my opinion...

Robert Paul S.

Just received my order of vegan garlic basil and maple bacon yesterday - so delicious! So exciting to find a unique and amazingly tasty product like this I can actually eat. Keep going with the VEGAN flavors!

Jen H.

Tried them the first time at Brick's Farmers Market and I'm hooked! The Garlic Scones were buttery, fresh and savory! Ordered from their website the same day and Monday it was dropped off! Thank you! Celebration scones did not disappoint! Sweet, buttery And just perfect! I am a fan will be buying again!

Gale G.

Having a birthday during this pandemic was brightened up by the lovely gift my college age daughter sent me! Lavender honey butter and batch of yummy lavender scones were a perfect pick me up and made all of us smile! Thank you for your sweet shop - we wish you continued success

Betsy S.

Every butter that I have tried taste fresh. At this time no sampling is allowed but don't let that stop you. One of his locations is the Rutgers Cook's Market.

Andrew G.

I sampled these butters at Bell works farm market. They are great even the vegan butters. I would recommend them to everyone.

Kimberly Van Meter C.

Tried this for the first time it was super yummy!

Joanne C.

Excellent, creamy and delicious. Highly recommended

Denese Elizabeth P.

great quality homemade butter

Frank C.

I have used the Siracha honey as a apread on bread and as the butter for a grilled cheese. Works very well. I used the Maple Bacon for twice baked potatoes and though it was a tad sweet, was very good and will try it next with Mashed potstoes. I used the lemon butter for my brocoli and was fantastic. Will use it next to cook some salmon.

Jesse K.

The garlic basil butter is perfect for garlic bread. The honey brown sugar its perfect on toast. The maple bacon is out of this world but to my surprise Strawberry butter was our favorite. Just couldn't stop eating it! To be fair they LOVED the chocolate peanut butter too. Fantastic product, thank you!

Wendy B.

I made a purchase at a local craft fair and I am super pleased! We've only tried the garlic basil so far and I cannot say enough good things about it. We used it throughout our Christmas dinner and it was a hit! I can't wait to try the other flavors we purchased. Will definitely purchase again!

Margaret M.

The scones were delicious and the butter is amazing.

Johanna M.

First time ordering the vegan coconut, loved it! Also tried the new strawberry scones, a home run for sure! Love all your products, Keep up the great work.

Bob C.

All I can say is this was delicious! Great for making garlic bread!

Edward E.

High quality with fresh ingredients! Love this butter!

Annette T.

The pairing was delicious! Such fresh products and a wonderful surprise as a birthday gift!

Samantha N.

The pairing was delicious! Such fresh products and a wonderful surprise as a birthday gift!

Oliver L.