Order Butter and Scones to Your Doorstep in Toms River, Little Falls, Asbury Park, NJ or surrounding area

We'll ship the Butter of the Month to you from Toms River, NJ

Do you want to try even more new flavors of our gourmet butter? How about butter on scones made from scratch in Toms River, NJ? Butter Me Up offers butter subscription services that features different butter and scones every month.

You can sign up for monthly shipments for a period of:

  • Three months
  • Six months
  • Nine months
  • One year

When you set up deliveries, you can opt for a box of eight scones with either one or two 4-ounce jars of butter. We can also send a vegan Butter of the Month. To find out more about our butter subscription services, call 732-930-1116 today.

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You won't get just any butter and scones. You'll be getting the Butter of the Month with scones that taste just right, like sprinkle-filled celebration scones with sweet celebration butter. Go to the Gallery page now to see some of the delicious scones and butter we've shipped out.